Scalp massage to prevent hair loss: Myth or reality

Massaging the hair with oil and shampoo is recommended by everyone and everyone does it. It feels relaxing and it is said that nutrients enter the hair follicles when massaged gently with your hands or with different types of equipment.

More and more people are reporting cases of hair loss from an early age. It is said that scalp massage helps prevent, or at least slow down this annoying process. But is it a myth or a reality?

Scalp massage is just like any other body massage you could benefit from, although it is easier to do. It is done with the fingertips because you do not want excessive pressure in the head area, and the desired results are achieved with the pressure offered by your fingertips or massage devices.

The hair structure

To understand in more depth whether or not massage helps in slowing down or preventing this process, let’s find out what is the structure of the hair.

In main terms, the hair has 2 parts: the length of the hair (stem) and its root. The stem is the visible part. The root of the hair is the only living part of the hair and is in the skin and extends to the deeper layers of it. It is surrounded by the hair follicle (a skin covering and connective tissue), which is also connected to a sebaceous gland. The root is nourished to produce hair through the blood, like any other cell in the body.

Do scalp massagers prevent hair loss?

Scalp massagers do not promise to prevent hair loss, but they are promoting hair growth. In addition, they are a great addition to anyone’s routine, as scalp massagers are really great at removing product deposits and excess oil.

Many people say that the problem of hair loss has genetic causes, so it is inevitable. Newer research shows that this is not entirely true. The idea is that by activating the blood circulation in the scalp, your hair can grow healthier, and in some cases, even thicker. By activating the circulation, more nutrients are brought to the root, and it “feeds” more, so they are the resources needed to create the hair.

Scalp massagers also add more volume to the hair, which makes it look better. Madalina says: “My hair has more volume since I use iScalp 2. I love it!”

Scalp massage at home

Scalp massage during the shower

To make your time more efficient, you can massage your scalp during the shower. After applying the shampoo or hair conditioner, massage your scalp with Breo’s water-resistant massagers for 5 minutes, and then rinse normally.

Scalp massage with essential oils

Lavender and peppermint oil can help grow hair. All you have to do is mix 1-2 drops of oil in a tablespoon of jojoba or melted coconut oil. Apply on the scalp and then use your fingertips or iScalp Mini for a light and effective oil massage.

Scalp massage with massage devices

Scalp massagers make the process easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient with more points of contact than your fingers.

iScalp 2 has a sophisticated design with 88 contact points that mimic human fingers, for a massage that quickly releases tension and rigidity. The massage stimulates blood flow and sebaceous glands, thus facilitating hair growth.

iScalp Mini guarantees you the perfect scalp massage experience through the innovative technology of the 96 contact points. They are made of non-toxic silicone because we want to offer you the best solutions, but also the right texture for the quality massage you want.

In addition to the benefits to the hair and scalp, a scalp massage device helps reduce stress and headaches. Being portable, scalp massagers are the perfect companion for any time of the day, at home or at the office.

How does stress affect the scalp?

Scalp massage to prevent hair loss: Myth or reality

If you experience any scalp problem – itchy, oily scalp or hair loss – there is a chance that it is related to stress. High levels of stress result in prolonged periods of high cortisol (the stress hormone), which are known to directly affect the function and cycle of hair follicles, disrupting cell production and normal transitions of the hair growth cycle.

It is known that massage helps reduce stress levels and both mental and physical relaxation by eliminating hormones that promote this condition – endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

A massage session should not be done all the time at a special saloon. You can also design a home massage routine to enjoy and relax with the help of portable massage devices from Breo.

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