• iNeck 3

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    iNeck 3’s innovative 3D neck-circle design creatively infuses ergonomic theory to a massage device. Equipped with breo’s Spiral Force massage head, iNeck 3 offers you various massage techniques to your nape and surrounding areas. iNeck 3 effectively provides your head and neck with just the right level of support which makes iNeck 3 an exemplary companion for your travel, you may now indulge yourself with its round-the-neck massage anywhere.

  • iNeck Air


    Induce relaxation as you try to take a nap.

    iNeck Air is essentially an inflatable travel neck pillow that gives your neck all-around support for comfortable napping on the seat. After fully inflated, iNeck Air also turns into an innovative C-shaped neck-around massager that gently massages the trapezius muscles of your neck with its 3D nodes rolling rotation to relieve the neck stiffness resulting from long-time still posture.

    iNeck Air is your optimum travel companion that not only helps you nap when you travel but also leaves you rejuvenated when you wake up.

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  • iNeck Air 2

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    Indulge in a professional-grade kneading massage anywhere.

    At the touch of a button, the iNeck Air 2 can inflate and deflate, keeping your packing footprint to the minimum and is built with travelers in mind. Sophisticated heat technology allows you to soothe even the sorest of muscles with its self-heating capabilities. Two rotating multi-node massage heads, designed to give you a professional-therapist-grade kneading massage, focus on the nape and sides of your neck.