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  • iDream 5S Head Massager

    iDream 5S


    Redesigned with revolutionary non-invasive kneading, air pressure and heat technology.

    Take head massage to a new height with the most pioneering head massager — now better than ever.

    Aligning with new node patterns, the re-innovate 150 pressure points apply deep kneading massage to eyes, upper neck and scalp areas thoroughly, providing a more restful sleep and relieving chronic headaches and migraines.

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  • iNeck 2 Neck Massager

    iNeck 2

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    Using Shiatsu massage techniques, it eases tensed muscles and relieves stress.

    The Breo-patented massager, iNeck2, relaxes the neck through kneading massage. Using Shiatsu massage techniques, it eases tensed muscles, relieves stress, and fully relaxes the neck and shoulders. It also helps stimulate blood circulation and improves oxygen supply — to alleviate neck pain and stiffness and improve sleep quality.

  • iNeck 3 Neck Massager

    iNeck 3


    iNeck 3’s innovative 3D neck-circle design creatively infuses ergonomic theory to a massage device. Equipped with breo’s Spiral Force massage head, iNeck 3 offers you various massage techniques to your nape and surrounding areas. iNeck 3 effectively provides your head and neck with just the right level of support which makes iNeck 3 an exemplary companion for your travel, you may now indulge yourself with its round-the-neck massage anywhere.

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  • iNeck Air Neck Massager

    iNeck Air


    Induce relaxation as you try to take a nap.

    iNeck Air is essentially an inflatable travel neck pillow that gives your neck all-around support for comfortable napping on the seat. After fully inflated, iNeck Air also turns into an innovative C-shaped neck-around massager that gently massages the trapezius muscles of your neck with its 3D nodes rolling rotation to relieve the neck stiffness resulting from long-time still posture.

    iNeck Air is your optimum travel companion that not only helps you nap when you travel but also leaves you rejuvenated when you wake up.

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  • iNeck Air 2 Neck Massager

    iNeck Air 2


    Indulge in a professional-grade kneading massage anywhere.

    At the touch of a button, the iNeck Air 2 can inflate and deflate, keeping your packing footprint to the minimum and is built with travelers in mind. Sophisticated heat technology allows you to soothe even the sorest of muscles with its self-heating capabilities. Two rotating multi-node massage heads, designed to give you a professional-therapist-grade kneading massage, focus on the nape and sides of your neck.

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  • iScalp 2 Scalp Massager

    iScalp 2


    Stimulate blood flow to your scalp and restore hair growth.

    The Scalp 2’s sophisticated 88-contact design works by mimicking human fingers to help quickly reduce soreness and stiffness. The massage will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and oil glands and promote hair growth. IPX7 waterproof makes the Scalp 2 perfect for bath or shower use. Each massage head is removable, making the Scalp 2 easy to clean.

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  • iScalp Mini Head Massager

    iScalp Mini


    Give your scalp the TLC it deserves.

    The all-new Scalp mini ensures you a perfect scalp massage experience with its innovative 96 contact-points design. The food-grade-silicone made contact- points not only brings you the maximum safety but also a balanced pressure, which gives Scalp mini the ‘touch of human’. The IPX7 water resistance rating gives you the chance to take Scalp mini in a shower or spa.

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  • iScalp Mini with Base Head Massager

    iScalp Mini with Base

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    Give your scalp the TLC it deserves.

    The all-new iScalp Mini with base ensures you enjoy a perfect scalp massage experience with its innovative 96 contact points design. The food-grade silicone made contact points not only provide maximum safety, but also create an optimal balanced pressure, which gives iScalp mini the human touch. Plus, the IPX7 water resistance rating allows you to safely use the iScalp mini in a shower or spa.

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  • iSee M Eye Massager

    iSee M

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    The new star of Breo’s well received iSee family brings a delightful refreshment to your eye with optimised portability. iSee M allows you to customise your massage experience with your personal preference. Along with the options of 3 air pressure mode, you can now pre-set the length of your massage session, the temperature of the warm compress and even create your own music playlist all from your mobile devices.

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