iSee M Eye Massager

Massage your eyes as you desire.

See the world better

The new star of Breo’s well received iSee family brings a delightful refreshment to your eyes with optimised portability. iSee M allows you to customise your massage experience with your personal preference. Along with the options of 3 air pressure mode, you can now pre-set the length of your massage session, the temperature of the warm compress and even create your own music playlist all from your mobile devices.

How does stress affect your eyes?

Increased Sensitivity To Light.


Excessive Wetness or Excessive dryness

How does iSee M help?

3 x Air Pressure Modes

Temperature control

Design focussed on refreshing your eyes

What makes iSeeM your best travel companion?

Light to pack

Portable with a sleek design

Synchronize music from your mobile device

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